Saturday, April 24, 2010

So, I realized writing underneath the pictures can prob be kinda of confusing, so I am going to try and remember to write before the pics! haha. But when they upload, the caption just automatically goes underneath them, so I must be patient and wait for them to upload before I caption them I guess!

These are some pics I took at the Aztec Museum in Aztec, New Mexico.  It's such a neat place, I've been there almost every summer for as long as I could drive!  I take my little brothers there very often and I love taking pics of all their neat stuff.  There's old jails, schools and churches and I just love it!

This is my fuschia  flower that I got last summer.  Turns out, you can bring them inside during the cold months and if you remember to water it often *ahem* they can live all summer long!! Well, we aren't very good flower parents when they are in the house for some reason.  I seriously have an issue keeping flowers alive and this, sadly, was no exception.  I plan on getting another one this year though, and maybe letting it tough it out this winter and come back on it's own in the summer.  Or who knows, maybe I've grown from this experience!? ;)
I was sitting on a house boat with some of Nick's friends and I was soo ready to leave, (I was mad because Nick lost his wedding ring in the lake!! GRRR!!) so I just sat on the patio and watched as the hummingbirds came and went, trying to capture the perfect shot.

Did I mention I heart Twilight?!
Love my tiger lillies!! I have several different types of lilies in my garden and I just can't help taking like a billion pictures of them!!

Here's my bleeding heart last year! I am so proud of this picture of them!! They are seriously the coolest flowers, ever!
Here's those same baby birds! Grown up a bit! They were so cute in such a weird little way! Well, more attractive than before, that's for sure! 


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