Thursday, April 22, 2010

There is beauty in everything!

It's so late! I will put up more tomorrow! :DMy dear friend the pink flamingo, making a great backdrop for my beyootiful bleeding heart plant!
I heart Edward :D
My dear friends, Rudy (top) and Precious (duh! Bottom!). They are 2 of the lovable cats that I get to babysit from time to time!  They are such lovers!  Shh... don't tell the others, but Rudy is my favorite! 
I see these rock formations pretty much everyday driving from my house to Farmington.  And it's almost crazy to me that these type of rock formations exist just right by my house!! I've always wanted to stop and snap some pictures of them, but since they are right off the main road, I am always kinda freaked out to stop on the side of the road and get out of my car!! But on this day, I decided it was time!  The sky was too blue to not take advantage of it!! 

This was the cake topper on top of Nick and I's, (me and Nick's? Nick and me's??! haha!) wedding cake back in March of 09.  I love this thing and it just makes me smile everytime I see it!! That day was the most perfect day of my life, and this will be one of the many reminders of it :D

Barely even spring, and I took this picture down by the river in Durango, Colorado. There was actually still snow all around! But this picture looks so serene and almost warm you would have never known there was still a little bit of snow on the ground. Can't wait to take more in the other season to see how it changes!

Spring has been unusually beyootiful this year!! These were the blossoms on our apricot tree out back a few weeks ago.  So pretty! Although, for some reason instead of budding and actually getting green and *GASP!* producing fruit, all the blooms fell off and it's just a big brown pile of sticks again.  That tree always tries to do what it was made to do, and just can't seem to make it all spring, let alone summer!! Nice try though, and thanks for the beyootiful pics while they lasted :D
I took this picture of the baby birds last summer, they had made a nest in my mom's columbine (or honeysuckle? I don't know the diff!) vines, so we stuck a ladder next to it, and I climbed up and took a few shots!  I was so nervous that the mama bird was going to get mad and swoop down and attack me at any second! Instead, she just waited patiently till I was done with my photo shoot. Thank God!

My favorite flower bush in my yard! My bleeding heart plant.  It's absolutely gorgeous right now, and I almost can't believe how fast it's blooming!! It snowed this morning, and it still is growing like nobody's biz! And talk about perfect, it's hot pink, it's hearts and it doesn't need much attention... just my style!

This was the actual phone in this humongous house that we had the privilege of shooting a girls Quinceanera portraits. It was a friend of her family's house, and it was huge, gorgeous and SPOTLESS.  This phone just caught my eye and thought it was a beautiful way to show how gorgeous and timeless this house really was.


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